by Tiana Feng

Diamond Rings is multi-platorm artist John O from Toronto’s alter ego. Not new of course to the blogging world, being brought to popularity by P4k and Chromewaves. I decided it was my turn to blog about them. I had the opportunity to see him when I they were a wee band and John always manages to rock the room. You’d think from his over the top style that you’re just going to get a lot of glitter, but that is not the case. What you get is music that is pretty minimalistic compared to what you might expect. Songs like It’s Not My Party are synth driven but All Yr Songs is rhythm driven. Everything is also very sing-along-able. Diamond Rings was also CBC Radio 3‘s X3 artist of the month last month.
Diamond Rings- All Yr Songs[audio:]
Diamond Rings- Something Else[audio:]
Diamond Rings- It’s Not My Party[audio:]