by Tiana Feng

I was listening to CBC Radio 3 lately and Pete Samples personally announced that he had dropped his latest and final album. He will be touring next spring but Bekonscot is his final project. He did mention that he might be doing something else musically. Let’s hope! Bekonscot as well as many albums are offered for free on his official website but do offer a donation, the album is too good to be free. The multi-instrumentalist is at it again with his album of adorable light arrangements that help illustrate the simple story in his lyrics. There’s even an 18 minute “Secret Song” at the end that has some Sufjan-esque experimentation arrangement wise. You’ll definitely have fun listening to this album. Pete Samples has this thing about making each track sound like he is loving every moment of making it. You can hear it most definitely in the rhythmic Ghost Town Winds and Winona which sometimes reminds me of Arcade Fire’s. Now I will stop talking and let you enjoy the album yourself.
1. Pete Samples- Beaconsfield[audio:]
2. Pete Samples- Bekonscot[audio:]
3. Pete Samples- Ghost Town Winds[audio:]
4. Pete Samples- All Other Buildings[audio:]
5. Pete Samples- Winona[audio:]
6. Pete Samples- Bobby Raindrop[audio]
7. Pete Samples- Carnival Talk[audio:]
8. Pete Samples- Winds Keep Blowing[audio:]
9. Pete Samples- The Jumper Cables[audio:]
10. Pete Samples- All At Once[audio:]
11. Pete Samples-Secret Song (Shhh)[audio:]


Watch the VIDEO of the entire album to miniature villages and trains. Something Pete Samples loves.

Pete Samples – Bekonscot (The Entire Album) from Pete Samples on Vimeo.