by Tiana Feng

I know its thanksgiving but I already did a playlist on turkey for Canadian thanksgiving so here’s a playlist on planes instead.

1. M.I.A.- Paper Planes[audio:]
2. B.O.B.- Airplanes (Featuring Eminem & Hayley Williams)[audio:]
3. Human Hands- Trains Vs. Planes[audio:]
4. Paperfangs- The Fastest Planes[audio:]
5. Gary Allan- Watching Airplanes[audio:]
6. The Innocence Mission- Small Planes[audio:]
7. Cars and Trains- Passing Planes[audio:]
8. Brian Sendrowitz- Planes Fly By[audio:]
9. Fred Frith- Trains, Boats and Planes[audio:]
10. Agnes- Planes Mistaken for Stars[audio:]

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