by Tiana Feng

People have been sending me a lot of episodes of TV shows asking for the music, this week I chose to do Season 8 Episode 9 of One Tree Hill, because there were a bunch of songs there that multiple people asked about. Feel free to send me your requests for next week’s post!

When Haley writes to Lucas about Thanksgiving.
Wild Nothing- Summer Holiday[audio:]

Sylvia uses a fire extinguisher on the turkey.
The Acorn- Restoration[audio:]

Brooke makes turkey ornaments with Jamie.
Andrew Ripp- You Will Find Me[audio:h]

The guys hang out in the yard
Scars on 45- Burn the House Down[audio:]
Nathan tells Haley he needs a degree to be an agent.

Alex plays guitar hero with Jamie
Lit- My Own Worst Enemy[audio:]
Jamie and Nathan Pick their football teams
VV Brown- L.O.V.E[audio:]
Alex and Mia discover that Chase doesn’t want to be with either of them.
She Keeps Bees- Mercury [audio:]

Brooke and Julian contemplate the burned turkey.
Chief- Your Direction[audio:]

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