by Tiana Feng

Welcome to another episode of IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS, where we hope you discover something new through other peoples music library. This one is one of mine again. If you want to submit a list, shuffle your iTunes and send me the 10 songs. You can add a description if you wish. Happy discovering!
1. Bye Bye Blackbird- So Sorry, Girl[audio:]
2. Armin van Buuren- Full Focus[audio:]
3. Simon Webbe- All I want[audio:] I don’t even remember why I have this album.
4. Broken Social Scene- Romance to the Grave[audio:]
5. Tegan and Sara- The Cure[audio:]
6. M.I.A.- XR2[audio:]
7.Charlie Winston- Tongue Tied[audio:]
8. Rasputina- Any Old Actress[audio:]
9. Eric Martin- Precious[audio:] This is a cover of a Japanese song by the same name.
10. Coeur de Pirate- Ensemble[audio:]

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