by Tiana Feng

Out of Toronto, comes Teenage Kicks with their Rock n’ Roll with a hint of soul, the two eras which bassist Jeff Van Helvoort considers the golden age of where all melodies come from, making it the primary influence for their sound. They released a t 7″ back in August titled Shook Our Bones. The title track I cannot get enough of. You really hear the Rock n’ Roll in the guitar power chords but at the same time you hear the soulful melodies brought to us by Peter van Helvoort. They actually offered the 7″ up for download at JUICEBOXDOTCOM for free or you can donate what you wish. Check out their Tumblr to learn more about the band.

Teenage Kicks- I Get What You Give[audio:]
Teenage Kicks- Shook Our Bones[audio:]

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