By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

This week I chose a group about which it’s hard to get background information, but I think that the music speaks for itself, so bear with me – I mean, I can’t possibly deny you some great music because I don’t know much about the band members.

Romanyi Rota (“Gypsy wheels” in Hungarian) are an Olah Gypsy music group from the most northeastern province of Hungary. The world “Olah” comes from “Vlach” – these were descendants of Romani immigrants from Wallachia or Moldova in Romania. Hungarian, Transylvanian and Balkan influences come together through traditional instruments like the darbuka and mesmerizing harmonies to make unforgettable melodies.

They first began playing in 1985 in Nagyecsed, Hungary. They became prominent locally until in 1989, some members moved to Budapest to pursue a musical career. They have released three albums, O chérháriko (1994), Phiravelman Kalyi Phuv (2000), and Hungarian Music (2001). They have been featured in the Putumayo Presents: Gypsy Caravan compilation album as well.

Diri, Diri, So Kerdjan – Romanyi Rota[audio:]