by Tiana Feng

This week’s IPOD SHUFFLE playlist is submitted by @mikebaronowski a huge fan of jrock so you’ll see a couple in this playlist! To submit your own, shuffle you’re entire library and e-mail us at the 10 tracks that show up and a little explanation of the embarrassing ones if you like, cheers!
1. MUCC – ware, aruebeki basho[audio:]
2. Mr. Big- Rock n Roll Over[audio:]
3. Luna Sea- Providence[audio:]
4. Hide- Frozen Bug[audio:]
5. Stratovarius- United[audio:]
6. 6. Zeromancer- Something For The Pain[audio:]
7. Killswitch Engage- A Light in a Darkened World[audio:]
8. Aerosmith- Just Push Play[audio:]
9. Dir en Grey- Obscure[audio:]
10. Buck-Tick- Coyote[audio:]