by Tiana Feng

From the little Prince Edward Island of East Coast Canada comes Milks and Rectangles. The four piece band is a mix of polish and grit of reality and of dreams. An interesting fact is that Michael Carver of the group actually does all the band’s album art and graphic design, including the above for the Dirty Gold EP. The EP is available for free download on their Bandcamp. Gold Teeth/Diamond Ring does a great job of kicking off the album. Ultimatum will leave you head bopping until Welcome, Home You Noisy Bastards brings you right down to Earth. Give them a listen and help them get well over 2000 listens on :)
Milks and Rectangles- Gold Teeth/Diamond Ring[audio:]
Milks and Rectangles- Auction Block[audio:]
Milks and Rectangles- Hollow Earth Society[audio:]
Milks and Rectangles- Ultimatum[audio:]
Milks and Rectangles- Welcome Home You Noisy Bastards[audio:]