by Tiana Feng

Fredrik is a recently three piece folk band all the way from Sweden. Their upcoming 3 song EP Origami is named after their summer they spent folding Japanese paper figures in between recording sessions. It will be released on November 16 on limited edition 7″. The band’s music is an effect build up of soundscapes in a mix of tongue and cheek lyrics and soothing chorals. Somewhere there will be a sparkle of glock then it will be gone; a chorus in the background and an addition of something that wasn’t there before. Take a listen to White on White and you’ll get a feel for what the rest of the EP will be like.

Fredrik- White on White

4 Responses

  1. Gersh

    I also heard it on base-book, watching Matt Gerdes as a dragon…   Too unbelievably awesome.  I wrote out lyrics, but some are almost certainly wrong.

    “White owl  now the railroad’s ending.
    Cracked ice ‘neath powerline.
    Fir trees growing up tunnel making.
    Swept away now the birds run these grounds.

    Trampoline and a quiet mansion.
    Black heart and the dead man’s fune.
    Fountaineer and a frozen fountain.
    Svite chu on your pale blue sea of camen

    Black owl up in the ballroom painting.
    Silhouette on the waterfall.
    No one here but the far trees remember.
    The coal train and the chandeliers.”

    Send me an email if you can help with the wrong parts…