by Tiana Feng

Sad Brad Smith is an indie-folk artist from Chicago, IL. His name sounds pretty tongue and cheek and appropriately represents the music he creates. Love is Not What You Need is a fine example of a collection of exaggerated sad songs.
1. Sure
2. Everyone Knows
3. Get Together
4. Baby, I’m So Sad
5. Home Sweet Home
6. We Are Free
7. Bad Mood
8. Tombs
9. Old Days Are Here Again
10. Love is Not What You need
11. Shooting Star

The album is all about simply. Most songs don’t have any more than 2 or 3 instruments playing at once. In doing this, he creates a sort of empty feeling in the listener. It’s like it represents the emptiness Sad Brad Smith is undergoing throughout the album and you’re right there with him. Even with simple lines such as Oh my baby I’m so sad each freckle of emotion is believable.

In Get Together you hear a more complicated instrumentation with some layering. In this happier piece just like with his more depressing songs, he is using instrumentation as a way of communicating emotion. When you hear Get Together you feel lifted up from the hole of sadness most of the album puts you in.

I know it is sort of strange but this is one album I enjoyed listening to track backwards (because I did that the first time by accident) but it works better emotionally. Since there are many “sad songs” I think it would balance perfectly if Get Together was a pick me up near the end then it mellows down to We are Free and Everyone Knows that I’m Still in Love with You.

Nevertheless, this is a set of songs that are so minimalistic, that it is beautiful and if you’re having a rainy day, give it a listen.
Sad Brad Smith- Everybody Knows That I’m Still in Love With You[audio:]