by Tiana Feng

Sister is not new to the music scene. Carla and Lynette Gillis are the real life “Sisters” in the group and were part of the 90s band Plumtree which we recently know was a big part of the Scott Pilgrim vs the World movie soundtrack. The sound in their own group however is more refined than what you hear from Plumtree. Their self-titled 5 track EP they offered up on their Official Website or a download from iTunes. Wishbone is right now #2 on CBC Radio 3 R3-30. The upbeat track reminds you of the Plumtree aesthetic but you hear how their sound has grown. The rest of the EP is more tender with carefully placed lyrics and instrumentation. They are up for Best New Band and Best New Vocals in the CBC Bucky awards and would love your support!
Sister- Off Ramp Up Ahead[audio:]
Sister- Feather on the Ocean Floor[audio:]
Sister- Wishbone[audio:]
Sister- Loring, MT (pop 8)[audio:]
Sister- Orion[audio:]