by Tiana Feng

Where do I get these crazy topic for sunglasses? Well, if it isn’t some approaching holiday, I usually base it on the first word the person I happen to be talking to at them time says and well this week we have sunglasses. If you have a special request for a future playlist topic go ahead, name anything. I never thought about it before today, but there are actually TONS of songs that involve sunglasses..

1. Chasing Kings- Dark Sunglasses[audio:]
2. Midnight Ghost- Pineapple Sunglasses[audio:]
3. B.O.B. (feat. Lupe Fiasco)- Past My Shades[audio:]
4. ZZ Top- Cheap Sunglasses[audio:]
5. Jack Splash – My Sunglasses[audio:]
6. Corey Hart- Sunglasses at Night[audio:]
7. General Elektriks- Frost on your sunglasses[audio:]
8. Ezra Furman and the Harpoons- Take Off Your Sunglasses[audio:]
9. The Splinters – Dark Shades[audio:]
10. Sweat Band- I Got on My Shades[audio:]