By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

Remember the first time you watched Gladiator and thought to yourself, “Wow, that’s a really epic soundtrack! Add that to a historical fiction filled with fighting and a love story…what more could you want?”

Well, maybe that didn’t happen to you but it did to me. And there have been few movies that led to the same reaction – historical films with really, really ridiculous good looking (?) soundtracks that stick in my head long after the movie is over are too just to hard to find these days.

The movie is about two men who fall in love with the same woman and, to make things even better, are on opposite sides of a war between the Polish nobles and the Zaporozhian Cossacks in one of the most tumultuous times in Polish and Ukrainian history. The original score, composed by Krzesmir Debski, reflects this. The tracks range from the sorrowful songs about lost love and the horrors of war to energetic songs about the heat of battle and victory – with, in true Eastern European tradition, some good old folk music in between to remind the listener that the soldiers were not apt to forget the simple things in life like eating, drinking and being merry.

Bitwa (Battle)

Na Zielonej Ukrainie (On the Green Ukraine) – Traditional

The following takes place at the Siege of Zbarazh.