This compilation was submitted to me by the dudes at Crash Avenue. Here are their thoughts on the project:
“This month’s title and album art is particularly personal. First, we lampoon one of our absolute favorite blogs, the incomparable Aquarium Drunkard, with AQUA BUDDHA DRUNKARD. With that, we additionally reference one of the most bizarre stories to come out of the midterm elections, and one from our state of Kentucky (Crash Avenue is based in Louisville) – Rand Paul’s Aqua Buddha. Even if you don’t pay much attention to politics, you’ve no doubt heard about this poppycock. All of us here at the office voted for Conway, so don’t blame us for any additional insanity from scary-ass Rand Paul should he be elected. Also, I sincerely hoped you lol’d at the Four Loko.”

Well anyway the compilation of some of their favorite breakthrough artists from throughout the world. Maybe you’ll discover something you like and pass it on, since the majority are artists that have less than 2000 plays but should have tons more! Head over to this Bandcamp page and download the entire set but here’s a sample of some of things you’ll find:
Quiet Lights- Twice Today[audio:]
Young Circles- Sharp Teeth[audio:]
Lohio- Adelai[audio:]
Lady Lazarus- Took My Diamond Heart[audio:]
Andromakers- Electricity[audio:]