by Tiana Feng

Sweet Lights is the debut album by the artist of the same name. Sweet Lights is a one man band from Philadelphia consisting of The War on Drug’s Shai Halperin, but the album is co-produced by Jeff Zeigler who worked with The War on Drugs and Kurt Vile. The album reminds me of classic 70s and 80s rock. Its new music that sounds familiar and comfortable, full of sweet melodies with sparkling synths such as you hear in You Won’t Be Here.
Sweet Lights- You Won’t Be There[audio:]
Every song on the album is solid and well produced. There’s not a track I don’t like. I actually have unconsciously been going to it a lot this week on my iTunes. The rhythms are simple yet infectious and the songs are written as if you’ve heard them in a better lifetime before, yet are new and fresh. There was a time in the middle of Red Lights where it reminded me of Arcade Fire’s We Used To Wait and you definitely hear the Beatles influences with a little beach pop thrown in. Stream the rest of the album below and go purchase it now on his BANDCAMP.

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