by Tiana Feng

Introduced to me as Echo, Armand Rougier is a poptronic producer from France. His debut album About to be A Man is available for free download on his Bandcamp. He shows us that he can create dance able tracks that are great to take with you on your daily commute, making the album cover for this album wildly appropriate. His infectious beats wake you up and help you get where you need to go energetically.

Echo- Bobby[audio:]
Echo- We Dance the Same[audio:]
Echo- Up in Smoke[audio:]
Echo- Just Ask the Other Guy[audio:]
Echo- About to Be a Man[audio:]
Echo- Tribute to John Williams[audio:]
Echo- One Two[audio:]
Echo- Bop a Lulla[audio:]
Echo- Take my Brest Away[audio:]
Echo- Feel the Baboones[audio:]
Echo- Anti Pop-up[audio:]
Sunset- Mantabiau[audio:]

Download the entire album via BANDCAMP and follow them on MYSPACE