by Tiana Feng

This week’s IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAY was submitted by @BQnguyen. If you’d like to submit for next week just shuffle your tracks and tell me what 10 songs come up and include any little tidbit you’d like to share about the tracks or yourself! Let’s see what we have this week.

1. The Kinks- I’m Not Like Everybody Else[audio:h]
3. CSS- Fuckoff is Not the Only Thing You Have to Show[audio:]
4. Yeasayer- 2080[audio:]
5. AC Slater- Calm Down[audio:]
6. Travis- The_Cage[audio:]
7. Our Lady Peace- Star Seed[audio:]
8. Department of Eagles- Herring Bone[audio:]
9. Wolfmother- The White Unicorn[audio:]
10. Beck- Cold Brains[audio:]

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