by Tiana Feng

Influenced by instrumental bands such as Explosions in the Sky, Rumour Cubes shows you their very intricate experimentations with instrumental sounds. They are a 6 piece group of instrumentalist featuring:

Joe Bartlett (bass)
Siew Cottis (viola)
Hannah Morgan (violin)
Omar Rahwangi (drums)
Adam Stark (guitar, electronics)
Simon Stark (guitar, electronics)

They’ve worked with film makers and poets and I wouldn’t be surprised if their melodies were used one day in a movie because their instrumental music delves into that sort of emotion. Their 3 song EP is available for free digital download and physical purchase on their BANDCAMP.

Rumour Cubes- The University is a Factory[audio:]
Rumour Cubes- Rain on Titan[audio:]
Rumour Cubes- At Sea[audio:]