by Tiana Feng

It’s Halloween weekend!! What are you guys dressing up as? Let me know if you’re going to be a ghastly goul or if this is that one time of year to have an excuse to dress up sexy. Well whatever it is, have a great one and here’s a playlist full of ghouls and other things for you to enjoy.

1. Sufjan Stevens- Enchanting Ghost
2. Skrillex- Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
3. Microfisch- Alien Monsters
4. Michael Jackson- Thriller (Villains Remix)
5. Les Savy Fav- Poltergeist
6. Radiohead- A Wolf at the Door
7. Wilco- Spiders
8. Light Speed Champion- Devil in Disguise
9. Yeah Yeah Yeahs- Skeletons
10. Broken Social Scene- Romance to the Grave