by Tiana Feng

Despite them from Germany, they are Canadian! I had to read the blurb few times to make sure. It takes a lot of something to get me to post an electronic track on the blog but this got my attention. Producer, Drew Harris from Victoria BC effectively mixes some trance style electronic with indie pop vocals and throws in some 8 bit noise.

Take a listen to the title track of his latest album Radiowave and you’ll get what I mean.
Germany Germany- Radiowave[audio:]

The entire thing has great flow. I love his ability to create something that makes you want to get up and dance but has the creativity involved to be a great sit down and listen to album as well. The instrumentation in some of the songs are captivating like the piano runs in Intro II.
Stream the entire thing here:
[soundcloud url=”″]

The album is released today on iTunes and Amazon

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