by Tiana Feng

Paris band Mondrian has released their first CD. I actually know nothing about them except their name and where they are from. It’s one of those mystery e-mails that probably don’t get seen on most blogs, but I make it a point to listen to everything.

Despite being from Paris and their websites being French, their music is actually in English but they have that little bit of accent that gives their sound a little uniqueness. Sometimes I can get a little bit lost in trying to figure out what they are actually saying but it doesn’t really matter because with songs such as Tofu Farmer you’re hooked in by the melody and rhythm. Not to mention that adorable piano sparkle. If you actually need the lyrics they are on the bandcamp page. Love, a collision layers on the noise with a flute? synth and strings and some female vocals. In Last Breakfast on Planet Surf you get some pure indie pop bounciness. LHG brings me back to the laid back 60s era, almost surf pop like. The banjo you hear from the song can also be heard throughout the album in songs such as Very Wary. Things That Money Can Buy is a more dance indie track, reminiscent of LCD Soundsystem. My favorite track of the EP is probably the very last one, Best Kept Secret which mixes all the great elements you find throughout the album into the one final track. For a first EP I think it has a lot of potential and if the group continues they can do great things.