by Tiana Feng

When I downloaded this album, I couldn’t believe I was hearing someone with less than 2000 listeners on I was also quite intrigued to know that they are from Toronto. Their debut album is up for free download and I think its worth a listen. Their sound is a mix of ambient indie with some psychadelic and shoegaze with some classic 60s vocals mixed in here and there. The album was pointed out that it should be listened to and it gives quite the interesting transition and mixes. For example The strange shout rock Puppy Shuffle leads into Slivers a more mellow rock n roll song. The Walk starts off with what sounds like the female’s response to Slivers until the return of the male vocals proclaiming “how long can I hold on?” But don’t worry, not all their tracks are serious relationship business, I mean they have a song called Planeterium Rats and Skquirrel full of playful metaphors. Without further ado, I present you with Blackpaw Society’s self-titled first album!

Blackpaw Society- Puppy Shuffle[audio:]
Blackpaw Society- Slivers[audio:]
Blackpaw Society- The Walk[audio:]
Blackpaw Society- Most Phases of Data Processing[audio:]
Blackpaw Society- Fuqz[audio:]
Blackpaw Society- Planeterium Rats[audio:]
Blackpaw Society- Skwquirrel[audio:]
Blackpaw Society- Trial of Pendergruf[audio:]

Download the entire album here.

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