by Tiana Feng

This playlist is dedicated to the week I spent trying to win Minesweeper in hard. I did btw once. So here are some songs that are wildly appropriate.

1.Swords of Chaos – Nashkel Mines by swords of chaos

2. CFCF- Crystal Mines[audio:]
3. Annabel- Boquet Mines[audio:]
4. Dashboard Confessional- Keep Watch for the Mines[audio:]
5. The Avery Set- Salt Mines[audio:]
6. BBU- Junkin on the Land Mines[audio:]
7. The Curse of the Company- All the Mines[audio:]
8. Robin Beanland – Strife in the Mines[audio:]
9. Globus- Orchards of Mines[audio:]
10. Protricity – Journey Through the Mines[audio:]