By Sweet Sound of Sunrise

Scottish-based Night Noise Team is what you get when you get musicians from Ireland, France and Spain to make indie music. There’s Sean Ormsby on vocals and guitar, Fabien Pinardom on vocals and bass, and Marco Morelli on guitar. Their music is produced and recorded by Permwhale, a company based in Edinburgh.

The band has a strange and dreamy – yet oddly pleasing – sound that somehow reminds one of an electronic hybrid of the Killers and the Talking Heads. Upbeat songs like You Won make you want to chill out and dance yourself silly at the same time, while slower tracks like Blue Light is something you might listen to when you don’t want to get out of the bed and instead stare out the window. Just goes to show that there’s more to electronic music than what’s playing at the local house nightclub.

Night Noise Team will be releasing their single, “Burning” for download on November 10th.