by Tiana Feng

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last one, but welcome back to IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS where I literally shuffle 10 tracks from my iPod and post them no matter how bad/embarassing! If anybody feels like submitting their list of songs for next week hit me up.

1. Dr. Draw- Adagio
My favourite electric violinist. He got me obsessed with strings in things.
2. Sufjan Stevens- Get Real Get Right
meh Age of Adz still hasn’t grown on me.
3. Emery- Fractions
4. Santana feat. Chad Kroeger- Into the Night
Oh God, I’ve never heard this song before I swear.
5. Redroomdreamers- Under control
6. Rasputina- Our Lies
7. Sara Bareilles- Hold My Heart
8. The Beatles- Piggies
9. Xiu Xiu- House Sparrow
10. The Black Keys- She’s Long Gone