by Tiana Feng

Vancouver BC’s Delerium is known for their broad musical style that encompasses anything from dark trance, voiceless industrial to electronic pop. In their latest release Voice: An Acoustic Collection, they take their previously unreleased versions of Delerium’s most memorable tracks and transform them into acoustic renditions instead of hiding behind the electronica.

1. Send Me An Angel (featuring Miranda Lee Richards)*
2. Dust In Gravity (Acoustic) (featuring Kreesha Turner)
3. Too Late, Farewell (featuring Butterfly Boucher)*
4. Silence (Acoustic) (featuring Sarah McLachlan)
5. Innocente (Acoustic) (featuring Leigh Nash)
6. Vienna (featuring Elsiane)*
7. Lost And Found (Acoustic) (featuring Jael)
8. Flowers Become Screens (Acoustic) (featuring Kristy Thirsk)
9. Love (Acoustic) (featuring Zoe Johnston)
10. After All (Acoustic) (featuring Jael)
11. Orbit of Me (Acoustic (featuring Leigh Nash)
12. Touched (Acoustic) (featuring Rachel Fuller)

Take a listen to a sample of some tracks from the album and hear the pure serene mood of the music down to its stripped-down roots.