by Tiana Feng

Dust Lane is the 6th studio album by Yann Tiersen, most known for creating the beautiful music on the Amelie soundtrack. The album took 2 years to make and is a leap in sound on Tiersen’s part.
01. Amy
02. Dust Lane
03. Dark Stuff
04. Palestine
05. Chapter Nineteen
06. Ashes
07. Till The End
08. Fuck Me
Every artist decides to experiment after a while and Yann Tiersen resulted with this album of beautiful complex layers of sounds. He stayed true to his sound of harpsichords and mandolins and an analogue sound but also plays around with the distortion of electric guitars. The result is some alternative/avant garde instrumental music.

The album is preoccupied by mortality inspired by the loss of his mother and a close friend. It also illustrates that life is not something lost but something to be lived. The first track Amy starts off with some really eerie distortions but becomes a light upbeat track and starts to add on layers and layers of sound. It’s a perfect demonstration of what is in store the rest of the album.

Dust Lane illustrates the beauty of what sounds like a rainy day. Maybe even a day of the funeral, and how the moment can become beautiful. In contrast, immediately after is Dark Stuff the darkest track of the album full of distortion and a three note pattern almost resembling Beethoven’s Moonlight sonata that marks tragedy. The track is filled with tension from the beginning, tension that I did not think would actually get resolved until I heard the last five seconds. I think part of Yann Tiersen’s magic is his ability to understand tension and release which is why his instrumental music is so powerful. Take a listen to Ashes and you’d understand.

My favourite track is probably the last trackFuck Me. When I heard it I had to double check I was listening to the right song because this isn’t anything angry or depressing. However it is pretty sexually suggestive “Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me, and make me come again”. It’s actually a beautiful track about taking caring and living with each other. It reminds me of how Stars can add obscene words into their gorgeous tracks.

Dust Lane is becoming my favourite out of all his works. It gives us something new and interesting but still displays the beauty that Yann Tiersen was always a master of creating.

Yann Tiersen- Ashes[audio:]
Yann Tiersen- Fuck Me[audio:]