by Tiana Feng

Write About Love is the 8th studio album by indie pop duo Belle and Sebastian and its been 4 years since their last album.
01. I Didn’t See It Coming
02. Come On Sister
03. Calculating Bimbo
04. I Want The World To Stop
05. Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John (ft. Norah Jones)
06. Write About Love (ft. Carey Mulligan)
07. I’m Not Living In The Real World
08. The Ghost Of Rockschool
09. Read The Blessed Pages
10. I Can See Your Future
11. Sunday’s Pretty Icons

The result of 4 years was an album that was effortlessly pleasant and catchy. The 11 tracks were very easy listens, so that I’ve already been through it at least 10 times all the way through (it came out yesterday). Some people knock them for always writing “sad” songs but I don’t think that’s true for this album.

The opening song I Didn’t See it Coming sounded so familiar, a great way to capture the listener and make them “Surrender” to the album. Their lead single Write About Love features Carey Mulligan and sounds almost like a remake of a 70’s pop song. The whole album is a play on what seems familiar, and I think that is what made it such an easy listen.

The collaboration with Norah Jones, Little Lou, Ugly Jack, Prophet John sounds like a Christmas tune to me for some reason. Maybe its the tongue and cheek lyrics or that I keep listening to Norah’s voice, everything else becoming background.

Throughout the album, lead singer Murdoch constantly refers to life being a novel and to read the pages a theme that is supposed to be the main tie to the album. I can’t seem to say much about the songs. They are pleasant to listen to, but they aren’t blowing musically or lyrically. It’s an easy album to throw on and listen to because of its familiar sounds but not one to ponder to so much about.

Belle and Sebastian- Write About Love (Feat. Carey Mulligan)[audio:]
Belle and Sebastian- I Want The World To Stop[audio:]