by Tiana Feng

Shambles Miller is back with a new EP called Sales the Clockwork Sea which will hit public on October 22nd where there will be a launch party at the Liquid Ship in Glasgow, Scotland. The four track EP shows what an entertaining song writer Shambles is. He is able to add wit and humour in songs without affecting the flow. In Things that Make Me Angry everything seems well and serious and then he enters with “when your eyes tell me someone with a beer belly this big should never wear trousers this tight.” Everything about the lyrics seems real and down to earth. Strike is about his unhappiness at the workplace and Beer Song is of good old drunken times. The EP is fully acoustic album featuring guitar, flute and double bass that balances perfectly with his adorable scottish accent.
Take a listen to Things that Make Me Angry my fav of the four:
Shambles Miller- Things That Make Me Angry[audio:]