by Tiana Feng

Few days ago I talked about John Blaze. Well he has released a 9 track EP available for free download. The EP contains the 3 tracks I posted before:Blonde Redhead, re:chillwaves and New Pajamas as well as 6 new tracks. Oh he has finally came of mysteriousness and told us something about himself: “19-year-old John Patrick Blaise Murphy from the San Francisco Bay Area. Influences include Avey Tare, George Gershwin, The Humblebums, John Cage, Rachmaninoff, Sigur Rós, Islands, Yo La Tengo, Mum, The Velvet Underground, Beach House and Tame Impala.”

The EP continues the sort of chillwave feel with some alternative rock edginess mixed in especially in tracks like White Lightening. You really do hear all the influences he stated in this collection of songs. Download the entire thing for free on his BANDCAMP

John Blaze- Tree House[audio:]
John Blaze- Collage 2[audio:]
John Blaze- August 12, 1992[audio:]
John Blaze- White Lightening[audio:]
John Blaze – re: chillwaves[audio:]
John Blaze – Post Rock[audio:]
John Blaze- Blonde Redhead[audio:]
John Blaze- New Pajamas[audio:]
John Blaze – This is Not a Name[audio:]