by Tiana Feng

Come Around Sundown is Kings of Leon’s highly anticipated fifth album which will hit the shelves October 18th in the UK and the 19th in North America. There’s people saying “they sold out” but I beg to differ.

1. The End
2. Radioactive
3. Pyro
4. Mary
5. The Face
6. The Immortals
7. Back Down South
8. Beach Side
9. No Money
10. Pony Up
11. Birthday
12. Mi Amigo
13. Pickup Truck
I disagree with Stereogum’s review. I don’t think the album was a snore. I think Caleb Followill created the atmosphere he wanted to. The album is called Come around sundown and the cover has a nice calm looking island on it. I think their album reflects just that. Much calmer, less aggressive songs.

The songs may not have been the most creative, but there isn’t really a bad song on the album. The album is very tight and each song flows into each other fluently.

The End (ironically the first song) drives you forward with a simple catchy chorus. In this first song you can hear that Kings of Leon are trying to bring you some familiarity of their past songs and some of the qualities of Only by Night. Radioactive which has been released over a month ago has that infectious guitar part that is just addictive as the melodic hooks. It was a well chosen lead single.

Pyro is a song of a dude in some total depression, but all the visual details in his lyrics are what makes it effective. I can see it making a great video:

Single book of matches, gonna burn whose standing in the way

Burning down the mountain, better call on the fire brigade

Bury all the pictures and tell the kids that I’m ok

Even if I’m forgotten you’ll remember me for a day

Admist the calamity you still the almost out of paste alt-rockish Mary until you get led back to the laid back tracks such as Back Down South which has an added fiddle part, something which we probably wanted ages ago. I think my favourite of the album is Birthday, maybe because if I wanted a dude to sing me a love song I’d want this song to be it. The ending track, Pick up Truck is the perfect finish, I love the synth/guitar 6 note line that plays with the vocal hooks. Its an effective finish of an album (if people actually listen to albums in order) and keeps you wanting more.

I can understand why some of the younger fans might be angry, but hadn’t they gone off on new supports back in the times on “Sex on Fire”. They even hated that song themselves after a while. This album I can see appealing to a more adult alternative crowd. But hey, it’s them who actually purchase 80% of albums, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were trying to get their attention this time around. Just look at the top album that is usually on the Billboard200 , most of time you’d be like “Who’s That?” Before you say they sold out, try to give it a non biased listen. There’s tons to like in the album and sooner or later you will unconsciously keep putting it on.
Kings of Leon- Pickup Truck[audio:]
Kings of Leon- Birthday[audio:]