by Tiana Feng

Welcome to another edition of IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS. If you feel like sending a list of 10 shuffled songs from your iPod e-mail me at and I’ll post yours next week. Let’s see what I landed on this week:

1. Michael Jackson- Man in the Mirror[audio:] Come on everyone has some MJ.
2. Further Seems Forever- Bye, Bye, Bye[audio:] Punk version of the N’sync classic.
3. Stabilo- Kidding Ourselves [audio:] from the album Kidding Ourselves
4. Flight of the Conchords- Sugar Lumps[audio:] If you haven’t seen the Flight of the Conchords series, GET ON THAT SHIT.
6. Shad- Rose Garden[audio:] Canadian rap artist who doesn’t rap about niggas and hoes.
7. Stars- Death to Death[audio:] off Heart. I have the Stars discography probably like multiple times.
8. Deerhunter- Memory Boy[audio:] From their new Halcyon Digest. Not as obsessed with the album as everyone seems to be.
9. Erykah Badu- Master Teacher[audio:]
10. 30 Seconds to Mars- L490[audio:] off their latest This is War.