by Tiana Feng

Contrary to popular belief, I actually read all the press releases that I get in my e-mail. The weird thing about this particular one was that it listed a lot of negative things such as unsuccessful shows and flaws in the album. You’d think that after reading that I wouldn’t listen to it, but I do give everything a chance. They are not to be confused for the “dreadful instrumental punk band of the same name”. The group formed in 2005 and supported some great bands in Belfast such as Frightened Rabbit, Quasi and Gravenhurst.

Walk into the Sea was released on October 1st by Furious Tradesmen. Their music on the album has a very laid back feel to it. It also has very appropriately used but interesting instrumentation such as an accordian, cello, glockenspiel, hang drum and flute. Just this Once is an example of a track that features most of these. I love how the instruments and the vocals interact with eachother, the doubling of the melody in songs such as Dead Ends is powerful addition to an otherwise simple tune. This is a lovely album to have on when you’re in the mood to relax, like reading or attempting to study.

<a href="">walk into the sea by Heliopause</a>