by Tiana Feng

The Boxing Lesson is Waclawsky (acoustic guitar, synthesizers, drum loops) and Jaylinn Davidson (synthesizer and field recordings). From just that you can tell they are going to be some sort of experimental band. That’s what you get in their latest album Fur State. The tracks don’t have specific names and are named after their track number 1-8. The entire album was recored on a 4-track casette recorder. The result was an album full of imagination and whimsical sounds. In an age where music videos ruin our imagination of music, The Boxing Lesson does a great job of telling a story through just sounds.

Listen via BANDCAMP:
<a href="">Fur State by The Boxing Lesson</a>

It will be released digitally on October 26th on iTunes and Amazon but you can get it on their BANDCAMP right now! If you type the code: blog during checkout you save 10% on your purchases.

3 Responses

  1. J. S. Lens

    I’ve checked you guys out before and was mildly entertained. But this so-called “Album” can hardly be called innovative. Track after track of mundane instrumental drivel, what happened to the lyrics that made this band tolerable? This record drips with pure, unadulterated laziness. The track names are their numbers in accordance to the track list (i.e. Track #1 is titled “One” etc.) And did you really think we wouldn’t notice that tracks “three” and “five” are shoddy instrumental version of songs from your EP from back in 2007? The worst moment for me is the song titled “Seven”. You should have titled the track, “Voice Mail/Vacuum Cleaner” being that’s exactly what it sounds like for over 10 minutes, more than a quarter of the album’s 37:15 running time. Did someone really think this to be avant-garde?! Don’t quit your day jobs if this is the kind of tripe you’re going to be defecating from now on. You might as well kill the band, it’s already dead.