by Tiana Feng

Here’s this week’s IPOD shuffled tracks! If anybody wants to submit their own 10 song list next week (of randomly shuffled songs) e-mail me!

1. Mr. Big- To Be With You[audio:] A classic from his album Lean into it
2.Matchbox Twenty- Tire[audio:] A pretty rare track from Matchbox Twenty, one of the originals from when they were known as Tabitha’s Secret.
3.From Autumn to Ashes- The Funny Thing About Getting Pistol Whipped Is..[audio:] I have a heavy side as well. This is from their 2005 album Abandon Your Friends
4.Goo Goo Dolls- One Night[audio:] Sounds like a classic but this is off Something for the Rest of Us
5.Nicotine- Baby One More Time[audio:] A heavy metal version of Britney Spear’s classic, pretty hilarious.
6.Francis Cabrel- Qu’est-Ce Que Je Viens De Dire?[audio:] I’m Canadian, of course I’d have some French songs! Francis Cabrel is a great classic rock artist.
7.From Autumn to Ashes- IV[audio:] Despite track number three being emocore, this track is actually all instrumental and feels like something off a movie soundtrack.
8.Marc Anthony- You Sang to Me[audio:] Um, I don’t really have an explanation for why this is in my iTunes.. I think I might own the hard copy of the CD also.
9.Andrew John Long- She’s a Monster (Kajmir Royal vs. Gucci Mane)[audio:] I probably got this off TheMusicNinja.
10.Sia- Bring Night[audio:] Off the latest album We Are Born

  • Great list of ten – the Britney Spears track is funny!