by Tiana Feng

This week was the official first week of Autumn! That means we have to put away all those Wavves records, and bands need to stop making music that sounds like that for now and welcome some autumn tracks!

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These songs don’t really talk about autumn in anyway, I can just picture sitting in a park with the coloured leaves falling slowly as I listen to these songs on my iPod.
1. Sufjan Stevens- Chicago[audio:]
2. David Garrett- November Rain[audio:]
3. Sara Bareilles- Send Me to the Moon[audio:]
4. Samantha James- Amber Sky[audio:]
5. Karkwa- Moi- Lйger[audio:]
6. Belle and Sebastian- Read the Blessed Pages[audio:]
7. Color Theory- Too Far[audio:]
8. The Reign of Kindo- Blistered Hands[audio:]
9. Scott Lanaway- Warm as the Sun[audio:]
10.Arcade Fire- Neighborhood #1- Tunnels[audio:]

2 Responses

  1. Lily

    What a breath taking image. I think it goes along great with the playlist. I downloaded november rain yesterday! That is the only song I recognize. I’ll have to listen to the others.