by Tiana Feng

So yesterday, Canada’s Polaris Prize was announced and if you were popping in or just reading up on twitter, you noticed that the winner was underdog Karkwa. Most people were like who the hell is that? (I’m Canadian and I was one of them) Well.. formed in 1998 to put it plainly, they are an indie band from Montreal, Canada. They’ve had 4 albums so far and their latest Le chemins de verre is by far their greatest album and the Polaris Prize is well-deserved. Their music is as beautiful and profound as Arcade Fire, except in full French. They used to be compared a lot to Radiohead but they grew out of that and produced a beautiful album of lush vocal melodies, sparking piano parts, and the most enchanting soundscapes and compelling arrangements. The album means “The Glass Paths” and it was put together without preproduction because they wanted to create an organic, spontaneous impressionistic sound.

Karkwa- Le Vrai Bonheur[audio:]
Karkwa- Les Chemins De Verre[audio:]
Karkwa- L’Aurore[audio:]