by Tiana Feng

Ever since 2001, Classic has been working on his craft. The Philadelphia native rapper is an upcoming Hip-hop/rap artist. He takes great care in getting the sound that he wants for each track. Rock Salute is a fast paced track full of distortion especially in the bass lines and fuzzy vocals. Its reminiscent of “Classic” hip-hop like the Beastie Boys. Then you go to Pay Day and the sound is crisp and clear with electric synths. Of the three, it is my favorite track because it is well produced with well written verses and a catchy chorus. It’s one of those hip-hop tracks you can expect to hear on mainstream radio one day. Keep on Pushin’ pumps some great beats that work well with his infuriated vocals that tell you he’ll stop at nothing to get where he wants to be.
Classic- Keep On Pushin’[audio:]
Classic- Pay Day[audio:]
Classic- Rock Salute[audio:]
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