by Tiana Feng

Redroomdreamers is a new indie rock band all the way from Naples, Italy. Roosters on the Rubbish will be their first album to be released on October 29, 2010 on Happy/Mopy Records. The band describes the album as a “report on life” covering topics such as happiness and despair; love and hate.

1. Off Star
2. New Year
3. The Dog
4. Souvenir
5. About Your Dream
6. Suitcase
7. Psychotherapy
8. Under Control
9. Candy Girl
10. Bye Bye
11. The desert
12. Friend (song for Inigo)

The album has a pure indie sound, like it was recorded anywhere out of studio. The album is very picturesque, there’s background sounds mixed into a track that help you imagine you’re in a different environment. For example in Friend (song for Inigo) you hear clanking of cups inside cafe of a busy city. The track then some how melts into a beautiful string solo reflecting the beautiful vocal part. The beautiful string playing is found throughout the album on other tracks such as Bye, Bye, Bye.

Roosters on the Rubbish hits it off with Off Star a faster based track with some lo-fi vocals in which you hear a bit of Italian flare. The song keeps driving til the end and the track is the perfect taste of the alternative/indie sound that the rest of the album has to offer.

Candy Girl starts off a capella with the addition of some background noise I can’t seem to make it out, before it is joined by the electric guitar and synth. The song is almost sweet, but then he breaks into a loud yell of “your sex is like a drug”. The musical transition from one idea to the next is pretty much flawless.

Roosters on Rubbish contains a diverse collection of hits and wonderful imagination. Whether you are looking for something for easy-listening the track Pyschotherapy or something a little more exciting like New Year there’s something for everyone on the album.
Redroomdreamers- Friend (Song for Inigo)[audio:]
Redroomdreamers- Candy Girl[audio:]