by Tiana Feng

Acronycal is a alternative rock band from Edmonton, Alberta. Still a young band they show a lot of potential. Naughty Boys and Naughty Girls comes off their latest album Showdown. Like many teenage punk bands, the album tells stories of ex girlfriends and relationships. Naughty Boys and Naughty Girls illustrates how they can fall for a girl too easily. It is a fast paced rock track with an addictive “stutter” like effect on some words in the chorus.
Acronycal- Naughty Boys and Naughty Girls[audio:]
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  • this band has a great sound to them, reminds me of fallout boy…i hope they get the success that they deserve…good luck to them!…

  • PozGuy

    Edmonton is in Alberta not B.C

  • Acronycalfan

    Thanks for posting this music here!! Acronycal Rocks ss3