by willww

It’s the one dubstep fans have been waiting for, complete with a new never before heard dubstep track added into the end of it – Vocals which I think are of Sofi Toufa, from Sofi Needs A Ladder.
UStream, Twitter and Facebook exploded with people watching a live ‘Unhooked’ (no LED cube) show broadcasted over the internet direct from the booth in New York. The stream took in almost 9000 viewers, and didn’t disappoint anybody as he played all the favourites, and anticipated tracks such as Cthulhu Sleeps, Raise Your Weapons, Paco Di Bango’s World (Remix), Sofi Needs A Ladder and he had a direct line-in feed from the master output giving everyone a crisp clear sound. Truely the greatest live electronic producer around.

Link has been taken down.

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  • Dorian Maldonado

    What was that song at the end?

    • Justin Holcomb

      Stobe – Deadmau5

      • It is most 100% not Strobe, it is a new dubstep track featuring Sofi Toufa mentioned in the post :)

  • Justin Holcomb

    Sorry about that, I meant ‘Strobe’

  • Creationsmaderight

    the song at the end is deffenetly not strobe by for this is apart of my set