by Tiana Feng

Le Concorde is a vibrant indie pop band from Los Anglos, California. They are a five piece group the consists of Stephen Becker (vocals, guitars, synthesizers, harmonica, drum programming), Matt Espy (drums, percussion), Casey Gibbs (synthesizers), Alison Hinderliter (piano/electric piano), Brian Stout (bass/harmony vocals). Sure they sorta can be considered synth-pop but you won’t feel like you’re stuck in the 80s, everything they do sounds very modern. Their new album House will be available everywhere October, 26th 2010.

1. The Movement of Cherry Blossom Shadows- Day Version
2. Who’s Ever Going to Feel Sorry for Us
3. Kisses With Comet Tails
4. New Day
5. Sick as Your Secrets
6. If Not Now
7. Sometimes It’s Hard
8. Any Bitter Truth
9. Make Our Move
10. The Movement of Cherry Blossom Shadows- Dusk Version

There are no easy answers to the questions posed in House.
The album starts off and ends with different versions of the same song The Movement of Cherry Blossom Shadows. The Day Version features acoustic guitar and has an alternative sound that would appeal to the masses. The song speaks of beautiful memories that are trapped in broken relationships. It reminds me a little bit of Owl City except these dudes I actually like. The Dusk version is more of a dance spin-off featuring some house beats, distortion and echoes. The track effectively ends the album on a definitive beat.

Songs like If Not Now are shimmery light hearted dance tracks that would appeal to the mainstream crowd as well as indie lovers. I also get really excited when Becker does a bit of falsetto in the climaxes. Kisses with Comet Tails is such an adorable song with the most uncomplicated lyrics but it was a well produced track. The mixed in female vocals and synths give a sort of airy, atmosphere that sort of lifts your heart.

Sick as Your Secrets for me was the most memorable track for me (besides the first and the last). It demonstrates the pop appeal of Le Concorde with its simple chorus You’re only sick as your secrets. House is a solid album with a sound that has mainstream potential as well as a wide appeal to people who love indie-pop and infection synths.

Le Concorde- The Movement of the Cherry Blossom Shadows- Day Version[audio:]
Stream the entire album on their OFFICIAL WEBSITE

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  1. Erica G

    i listend to a few songs and got 2 say this: either ur on their payroll or u were listening to a different cd. my ears feel sick.