by Tiana Feng

Welcome to another edition of IPOD SHUFFLE MONDAYS, where with no limitations, I shuffle everything on my ipod. Let’s see what we landed on this week.

1. Stars- Counting Stars on the Ceiling[audio:] This is the first track off Stars full length debut album Nightsongs I can’t believe that was almost 10 years ago!
2.Missy Elliot- Hot (Ratatat Remix)[audio:] This is off Ratatat Remixes Mixtape Vol. 1.
3. Zeromancer- Stop the Noise[audio:]This is from Norwegian industrial group Zeromancer. I have a dark side.
4. These Electric Lives- Hit the Ground Running (Life Express Remix)[audio:]I actually don’t remember how I got this track. It’s from a Toronto melodic dance rock group.
5. Anberlin- There is No Mathematics to Love and Loss[audio:]I used to be obsessed with the album Cities.
6. Future Trail- Satellite[audio:] Here’s some German future-pop.
7. The Beatles- If I Fell[audio:]I probably have like the Beatles discography 5 times.
8. Sophie Bond- Heart Bling[audio:]This is off the When in Rome soundtrack, otherwise I have no idea why I would have this.
9. I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business- You’re Not So Good at Talking Anymore[audio:]This is off World We Know. If you don’t know them this is a side project of the dude from The Early November.
10. Kyo- C’est Ma Faute[audio:] I actually listen to a lot more French music than you think.