by Tiana Feng

In case you didn’t know Brandon Flowers is the vocalist and keyboardist of the Killers. Flamingo his solo album was created not because he wanted some solo attention, but he was eager to release more tracks while the rest of the Killers were on an extended break. The Killers next album is set to release some time in 2011. Everything of this album screams the Killers.

1. “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”
2. “Only the Young”
3. “Hard Enough” (featuring Jenny Lewis)
4. “Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts”
5. “Playing with Fire”
6. “Was It Something I Said?”
7. “Magdalena”
8. “Crossfire”
9. “On the Floor”
10. “Swallow It”
1. “The Clock Was Tickin'”
2. “Jacksonville”
3. “I Came Here to Get Over You”
4. “Right Behind You”
5. “On the Floor 2.0” (iTunes pre-order and Japan bonus track)

Flamingo is named after the Flamingo Road in Vegas which holds special significance to Brandon and he appropriately opens with Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas. This is where you’ll hear the first hint of a country twist in the electric guitar parts and in his beautiful verse melodies. The chorus becomes an eruption of power chords and synths.

Jilted Lovers and Broken Hearts reminds me of the classic Killers singles like Mr. Brightside with an addictive back beat and strong buildup from verse to chorus. With Killers songs you always know exactly when the chorus is going to come in.

Right Behind You is probably the most “indie” sounding track of the album with the synths. The rest of the album features an array of different from alternative to country to almost dance. The album’s debut sing Crossfire is probably one of the most tame and laid back out of the bunch. Bonus track The Clock Was Tickin is probaby the most obviously country track. I usually don’t listen to country but I thought it was a well-written (and somewhat hilarious) story-song and I found myself singing along every time he said “the clock upon the wall was tickin“.

Jenny Lewis joins Brandon for Hard Enough in the chorus in a beautiful duet. I’m a sucker for the simple ascending keyboard line that punches through the guitars.

All in all though, I found the album enjoyable. There wasn’t too much crazy or too inventive and there was a little too much bible/gambling talk but the album is solid. Maybe the album is a little bit of a filler between Killers albums but at least it consisted of some variety and entertainingly interesting lyrics.

Brandon Flowers- Crossfire[audio:]
Brandon Flowers- Jilter Lovers and Broken Hearts[audio:]

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