by Tiana Feng

For many of us, this week or next week is the start of school. For different people, school is different things. When you’re little, school may be that wretched place that gives you homework but at the same time your best friends. As you grow older, it becomes a path to different future and maybe closer to a dream. Here’s some songs about school in all walks of life.

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1.Van Halen- Hot for the Teacher[audio:]
2.Vampire Weekend- Campus[audio:]
3.Red Hot Chili Peppers- Catholic School Girls Rule[audio:]
4.Alice Cooper- School’s Out[audio:]
5.Manhead- Birth, School, Work, Death[audio:]
6.Coma Foxes- School Night[audio:]
7.Nirvana- School[audio:]
8.Sex Wing Starfighter- She Drives a Speederbike to School[audio:]
9.Bob & John McKenzie- School Announcements[audio:]
10.School Knights- Recess[audio:]

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