by Tiana Feng

Skibunny is quite known for their legendary weekly parties in Belfast and already has a following among Belfast hipsters. They are Tanya Mellotte (vocals, guitar, keys) and Mark Gordon (vocal, bass, guitar, keys). To be released on September 27 Hugs is 40 minutes of charismatic, dream-pop pieces. The album’s centraltheme is about wanting more than your lot, about taking risks in life and love, and if it doesn’t work out? You pick yourself up, dust yourself down and do it all over again, but this time a little bit better.

1. Aah Ooh
2. Up Down
3. Walk Don’t Walk
4. Remember Me (Feat. James Chapman)
5. Sun Sun Sun
6. Remote Control
7. Miles Lz Ded
8. All In This Together (Feat. Kaori Tsuchida)
9. Stand Up
10. Moving
11. Baby, Get Into

The first track Aah Ooh is a dream pop like track, that begins with some electronic sounds and builds in layers of instrumentation. Their simple lyrics combined with the uplifting beats makes it an effective party track and its no wonder they already have a following. All in this Together features Kaori Tsuchida from The GO! Team on vocals and I find her accent so adorable and fitting for a track with simple rhyme. This track isn’t so dream-pop. It’s more of an alternative rock sound with the addition of a glockenspiel now and then. That’s what I enjoy most about the album is that it has some diverse tracks but the album itself is pretty cohesive. You get the more sombre tracks like Remember Me that has a flourshing piano line and the head bobbing, sing a long, dance tracks like Sun Sun Sun and yet rock the tracks like Up Down. Overall, this album was lighthearted, fun. It is some how euphoric and up-lifting and bouncy at the same time.

Skibunny- Up Down[audio:]
Skibunny- Sun Sun Sun[audio:]
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