by Tiana Feng
Thank you for sending in your requests! If you don’t know what this is all about I’ll explain it again. Have you ever seen a movie/TV show/youtube vid/live band and had no idea what the track was? Well I’m here to try and answer your questions every week! This is separate from the Music from Commercials post I do every Tuesday that focuses on commercials. Send in your requests to me: and I’ll try my best to answer your woes. Let’s see this week’s requests:

Degrassi Season 6 Promo
Flickerstick- Catholic Scars and Chocolate Bars[audio:]

End Credits for The Other Guys
Cee Lo Green feat. Eva Mendes- Pimps Don’t Cry[audio:]

Credits of Episode 84 of Entourage was La Roux- In for the Kill (Skream Remix)

Street Wars

StreetWars trailer from Mustache Commander on Vimeo.

Its actually a combination of 2 songs:
The XX- Intro[audio:]
DMX- X Gon’ Give it To Ya[audio:]