I’m pretty excited to introduce this new mixtape by OnCue. Not only because it’s an awesome project, but also because I got to take part in the creation of some of the songs. Which is something I’m really thankful for. This project stands out to me because for every single song he had us (producers) sample songs that were carefully chosen so that it blends smoothly like an album. His lyrics are really heartfelt, and witty. This also seems to be the first project where he has sung most of the hooks. I’ll have to say I really enjoy most of the hooks, but on some of them I think his voice is too “hardcore” for. He seems to have the type of voice that hooks onto your eardrums immediately as well. Oh, and don’t forget that the production on this is really really really great. My favourite track on this project has to be Time Machine, but I wont say too much about it. Give it a listen below!

Download Mixtape | Cuey Sings the Blues.

OnCue – Escape (produced by Emay & OnCue)

OnCue – Time Machine (produced by Chanes & Joey Flava)