by Tiana Feng

Chromeo is the duo of P-Thugg and Dave 1 who bring that 80s electronic funk into our 21st century. The album is set to release September 14th, 2010 but NPR is letting us have a full listen for free.

The album starts off with Hot Mess introducing you with a seductive voice and then straight into the sort of disco-groovey rhythms and cowbell. MORE COW BELL PLEASE. I’m Not Contagious continues this swagger with a playfulness in P and Dave’s vocals. Night by Night was the track that was heard all over the world on blogs, reddit, digg and remixed hundreds of times. You can’t listen to this and not want to get up and dance.

Don’t Turn Your Lights On almost feels like it should be an 80s classic, like the ones your mom exercises to, only better. You Make it Rough is 7 minutes of electronic delight, and yes MORE COWBELL. It’s all about the duet here, I love at the end of every sentence when their voices are in unison and then it moves to echoes. The more stand out-ish tracks is probably Grow Up which is sorta pop-like, with the same kind of playfulness as the rest of the album.

They are from Montreal after all so there is a French track. J’ai Claque La Port which features some acoustic guitar playing from Dave 1 and some violins. It’s probably one of the “less electronic” tracks from the album.


Chromeo- Night by Night[audio:]
Chromeo- Don’t Turn the Lights On[audio:]

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  1. Keaton

    Great review! I was a pretty big fan of this one, but it doesn’t hold a candle to “Fancy Footwork” for me. If you’re interested in reading my write-up of the album, come check out!